October 5, 2006

Street Team in SF Financial District

The Anti-Advertising Agency’s street team hit downtown San Francisco on Wednesday at noon to promote alternative economies. As part of the The Samaras Project, a series of postcards promoting worker owned co-operatives, gleaning, gift economies, open culture, and other economies were distributed to passersby.

September 24, 2006

Open Culture


Creative Commons

According to their website, purpose is "Enabling the legal sharing and reuse of cultural, educational, and scientific works."

You can download and use materials from the site and you can upload and share your own. Each user decides and designates the terms of re-use.

Prelinger Library!

The Prelinger Library is a physical space in San Francisco. Their website describes it as:
"An access-oriented, image-rich experimental research library of books, printed ephemera, and over 600 periodical titles. Serving readers, artists, scholars and other iconoclastic thinkers. Centered on histories of U.S. regions, culture, industry, landscape, natural history, media, and politics (and other things). Open to the public."

The Prelinger Library is appropriation friendly.

To visit, check on their site for open hours Prelinger Library.

ARCHIVE.ORG!'s tag line is "Universal access to human knowledge." It is a website that allows users to download movies, documents, and audio materials for research and upload their own materials to share with others. It is an awesome resource that helps perpetuate a more open culture.