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Baby Sitting/Child Care Co-operatives

I ran into a friend of mine from college a few weeks ago. She told me about the child care cooperative she belongs to in Brooklyn. It's really simple. There are several families that share in child care. If one member needs a baby sitter, they send out an email to the other families on the list and then someone volunteers. They never have to pay for babysitting and the children in the network get to play together often, it's pretty awesome.

Here are some articles about this idea. It seems there are some formal ways to do it but it seems like the informal way works just as well.


I actually went to a co-op nursury school in San Mateo from 2-5 years old. The genesis....

Funny, My wife and I started a baby sitting cooperative in the young (lots of young couples with kids) neighborhood in Memphis where we lived. This was 1994 - and we didn't have the ubiquitous web to help us. We traded tokens (toy airplanes) as credits. Everyone in the cooperative started with 3 baby sitting credits to spend, but this guaranteed that one would have to do some baby sitting to earn back the tokens.

Perhaps our version was a somewhat capitalistic cooperative.

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